“Bushcraft is not about survival it goes beyond! Bushcraft is about sustainability, living comfortably within a natural environment. Enjoying and being part of our natural world with a more indigenous human approach”

Bushcraft covers a range of skills including fire lighting with sparks and by friction, cooking on an open fire, shelter building, plant identification and uses, cord making, finding and purifying water and much more. We as human beings have a close link to the natural world.  Bushcraft has a universal connection with people of all ages, at any stage in life, from primary to pensioner. Being in a natural environment allows learners to venture out and explore the world around them. Bushcraft allows us to reach beyond our own expectations, and challenges our views of the world.  From our own discoveries bushcraft can give confidence & bring people together under a common banner. With less 21st century distractions present, bushcraft allows us to focus more on ourselves and the challenges we are presented with. Bushcraft takes us out of our comfort zones, challenges and allows us to explore ourselves whilst being in natural surroundings.

“Bushcraft is low impact and involves highly sustainable activities. Bushcraft promotes physical exercise and is environmentally friendly.”