Bushcraft at Holden forest park (Exeter) 12th-17th March 2018

A range of short tester courses, from fundamental Bushcraft skills, plant technology, prehistoric crafts , and other short sessions.

Pow-Wow at Bush Farm Bison Centre, West Knoyle  Saturday -Sunday 

This is a two day Pow-wow event “A celebration of Native American culture” situated in Britain’s only Bison farm.  There will be demonstrations of Native American dancing, cultures and crafts. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience this little known element of the world of bushcraft! A great place to meet fascinating people, buy crafts, food and much more, open to all. Camping available. 


27th July Buzzards Bushcraft day ,12 yrs -16 yrs, 10:00am -3:30pm (20 places)

31st July Sparrow hawks Bushcraft day, 7 yrs-11 yrs, 10:00am-3:30pm (20 places)

8th August , Sparrow hawks Bushcraft day, 7 yrs- 11yrs, 10:00am-3:30pm (20 places)

9th August Buzzards Bushcraft day, 12 yrs-16 yrs, 10:00am-3:30pm (20 places)

10th August  Buzzards Bushcraft day,12 yrs-16 yrs, 10:00am-3:30pm (20 places)

Brain Tanning Buckskin Course, 16th-18th September 2018 Bison Farm West Knoyle

Three day indepth course exploring the ancient Native North American braintan method. During the course you will be given a full Deerskin. Where you will be guided through the tanning process, to produce a tanned hide ready for crafts.

Limited places of 10 available, lunch and main meals, and camping included.


42nd Veterans Pow-wow 11th November, Tadley Hampshire October 2018