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Bushcraft in Devon

Bushcraft in Devon since 2009

Devon, Cornwall based. Professional bushcraft & survival instructor. Craig provides basic bushcraft courses, survival training, primitive survival skills, wild food courses, tracking courses, professional bushcraft outdoor learning sessions & courses for schools, colleges, youth groups, community based projects and private clients in the South West of England. Craig has a lifetime of experience within all elements of bushcraft. Together with a vast pallet of working/ life experience with all ages, cultures and backgrounds. He is a qualified instructor, artist, and published author.  He has comprehensive insurance & first aid training. Craig promotes and provides positive outdoor learning experiences for all ages & backgrounds.

“Bushcraft allows all people to become more comfortable within a natural environment.  It enables us to understand the world around us, promotes health & well- being, sustainability and care of our natural environment . Bushcraft includes building relationships based around trust and self-exploration.”